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Social Justice Education

Global Village School provides social justice curriculum to progressive families

Homeschooling is traditionally seen as something that conservative families do. Global Village School is something unique - a social justice education program. Our materials are written from a progressive perspective. In our view social justice curriculum concerns itself with peace, compassion, justice, sustainability, community, integrity, diversity, creativity, and responsibility. We offer a social justice education that encourages the development of thoughtful human beings, and when we explore religion we do it in a non-dogmatic way. We encourage critical thinking and an appreciation of open, pluralistic societies through study and service learning opportunities.

It is from this approach that Global Village courses such as Planetary Stewardship, Literature of Diversity, The History of Civil Rights in the U.S., Peace and Diversity Studies Survey, and Reflections on Peacemaking have emerged.


How our program works:

Global Village will be the official “school of record,” maintaining student files, providing written evaluations, issuing official transcripts, and providing diplomas upon graduation. We will provide social justice oriented curriculum (regular or customized) and individualized teacher support.

Global Village families choose between structured text and online curriculum; fully customized curriculum based on their individual interests, needs, and learning styles; or – for those who are already experienced homeschoolers – using their own curriculum. Core subjects such as English, History, Math, and Science often contain peace, diversity, social justice and environmental themes. For those who want support, GVS teachers assist each student individually and provide feedback, support, and documentation. Families can can also use our learning styles profile to get a sense of what study methods work best for your child whether or not you wish to enroll.

Students can earn elective credit for many different kinds of life experiences, such as travel, participating in cultural events, performing in community theater productions, pursuing a career in athletics or the film industry, or starting their own business. Global Village youth engage in a wide range of activities, including: studying anatomy, massage, and alternative medicine, working on political campaigns, studying science at local national parks and wilderness areas, volunteering at a botanical garden, writing novels and screenplays, publishing alternative newspapers. In addition, many Global Village students get a head start on college by enrolling in community college courses while they continue working towards their high school diplomas.

Peace and Tolerance is an integral part of the Global Village School‘s philosophy. It is one of the reasons why I chose it for our homeschool provider. Religious, Cultural, “Racial” (although I believe “race” does not exist), and even Gay tolerance are important values I wish to instill in The Spawn even though for many, the latter may be controversial and taboo.

Jan, K8 parent



To learn more about our social justice education approach, please take your time and explore our site. Feel free to contact us with any questions. We look forward to partnering with you as we continue in our mission of educating for a better world, one person at a time.

Accredited by NALSAS
Global Village School® is a project of Community Partners. We are a non-profit organization.

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