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GVS & Montessori Families

How can Montessori families provide their older children with an education aligned with Montessori school methods and values when there is often a scarcity of local programs at the middle and high school levels? Global Village School supports Montessori homeschooling.

We are an international K-12 homeschool diploma program that empowers students to cultivate their gifts and passions by engaging them in a creative, flexible education process grounded in the principles of peace, justice, diversity, and sustainability. We partner with schools, groups, and individual families to provide the kind of education that prepares students to be wise and capable stewards of the planet and each other.

Montessori homeschooling families are welcome to enroll their children in Global Village School. Global Village will be the official “school of record,” maintaining student files, providing written evaluations, issuing official transcripts, and providing diplomas upon graduation. We will provide curriculum (regular or customized) and individualized teacher support. Families can also choose to purchase curriculum only, or to work with Global Village teachers on selected courses. Other families may wish to have us develop a customized curriculum for them, and then work with it on their own. Families can also use our learning styles profile, whether or not they wish to enroll.

Some of the ways Global Village School (GVS) is compatible with Montessori school philosophy, values and principles:

We know that children inherently want to learn and will do so on their own, provided they have the appropriate materials from which to choose. Global Village students work at their own pace and are encouraged to collaborate with their teachers to customize the curriculum to match their unique interests and needs. By providing a nurturing environment, we can cultivate a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.

Maria Montessori believed that the first duty of the educator – whether involved with young babies or older children – was to recognize the human personality of the individual and to respect it. This is a core belief of ours as well, and the reason we offer the A Self-Portrait learning style assessment, which helps the student (and their teachers and parents) to understand the student’s own individual learning style. The profile provides detailed information about their disposition, modality (tactile-kinesthetic, visual picture learner, etc.), interests, and talents, along with detailed suggestions for working with the various dispositions.

Like Maria Montessori, we believe that educating for peace is essential. Her statement in Education and Peace from so many years ago still rings true:

“Bringing up the subject of an education for peace in such critical times as these, when society is continually threatened by the possibility of war, may appear to be the most naïve kind of idealism. I nonetheless believe that laying the foundations for peace through education is the most effective and the most constructive way of opposing the war, since people’s needs today in no way justify armed combat, and since war offers them no hope whatsoever of bettering their lot.”

It has been great to witness all Eleni has learned from this class. I have been impressed when she shares or offers her opinion about a Global Spirituality topic, especially with adults. Thank you for offering this great class!

Cheryl, HS parent


How our program works:

Global Village families choose between structured text and online curriculum; fully customized curriculum based on their individual interests, needs, and learning styles; or – for those who are already experienced homeschoolers – using their own curriculum. We offer a wide variety of classes. Core subjects such as English, history, math, and science often contain peace, diversity, and environmental themes. We also offer specialized courses such as The Buddhist Path to Peace, Planetary Stewardship, Reflections on Peacemaking, Literature of Diversity, The History of Civil Rights in the U.S., and a variety of other classes that address current issues in the world and provide students with role models and examples of peaceful social change. GVS teachers assist each student individually and provide feedback, support, and documentation.

Students can earn elective credit for many different kinds of life experiences, such as travel, participating in cultural events, performing in community theater productions, pursuing a career in athletics or the film industry, or starting their own business. Global Village youth engage in a wide range of activities, including: studying anatomy, massage, and alternative medicine, working on political campaigns, studying science at local national parks and wilderness areas, volunteering at a botanical garden, writing novels and screenplays, publishing alternative newspapers, learning their tribal language and traditions, and operating home recording studios. In addition, many Global Village students get a head start on college by enrolling in community college courses while they continue working towards their high school diplomas.

Partnering with schools and groups:

Giving presentations at different Montessori conferences has given us the opportunity to speak with a number of Montessori educators and parents. We have found that people can make use of our services in various ways. Some Montessori schools may have everything they need except for some curriculum. Others may want to continue to support their upper grade students, but do not have the time or resources to create a new program for them. Global Village can provide a full program, be the official school of record and provide full curriculum and teacher support. Or, we can “fill in the gaps,” in those cases where a school might only need a few courses and a limited amount of teacher support, or perhaps might want to use our learning styles profile and/or have us design individualized curriculum for their students.

To learn more:

Please take your time and explore the Global Village School site. Feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas that may come to mind. We look forward to partnering with you as we continue in our mission of educating for a better world, one person at a time.

Accredited by NALSAS
Global Village School® is a project of Community Partners. We are a non-profit organization.

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