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K-8 Homeschooling Program and High School Homeschooling Program: General Information

Global Village School is an accredited school based in southern California and founded in 1999. It is a distance learning program, which means that students study at home (or, in special cases, at learning centers). Students take a regular course load and high school students earn credits toward a diploma. Transcripts are provided so that students can apply to colleges of their choice.

Enrollment advising: Each family who wishes to enroll will work with an enrollment advisor to design the most appropriate program for the year. Call our office to make a phone or in-person appointment with one of our educational advisors, who will enroll your family, help you select a curriculum, answer your questions, and provide you with additional information about our K8 and high school programs. You can learn more about the enrollment and payment process on our how to enroll page.

How the Global Village K-8 and high school homeschooling program works

Schedule: We are a year-round school. While our standard school year runs from September to June, students can enroll at any time of the year and can continue working through the summer if they wish. High school is designed to be completed in four years. Students who wish to accelerate their progress are free to do so.

Official records and diplomas: When you enroll in Global Village School you become part of an official private school. We will maintain all student records, along with providing written evaluations, a yearly transcript, and a diploma upon high school graduation.

Teacher support: Each K-8 student is assigned one Global Village teacher, while high school students are assigned a teacher for each course. Our teachers are knowledgeable, compassionate, supportive, and committed to the vision of the school. Teachers provide support, oversight and review of coursework.

Students can submit work either via regular mail or e-mail. Families are in regular contact with their teachers and can contact them by phone, Skype, and e-mail, or schedule in-person appointments if you live in the local area. Along with regularly scheduled appointments, teachers are happy to answer questions when they arise. The amount and frequency of teacher services you receive depends on the level of tuition you choose. Please view our high school and K-8 tuition options.

Curriculum: Our regular curriculum is designed to allow students to be self-paced. Students can collaborate with their teachers to moderately customize their studies during the course of the semester, and completed customized plans are also available (see below).

High school students are free to choose from Web-based or text-based courses; most people prefer to take some of each. Each year-long course is divided into thirty-six lessons, and semester-long courses are eighteen lessons. Students access their Web-based lessons by downloading them from our password-protected Web site. Web-based lessons are entirely or primarily based on online reading/viewing assignments. Text-based courses are accompanied by a printed study guide and are entirely or primarily based on books.

Elementary students use our printed Whole Child Healthy Planet curriculum guides, which are based on the four core principles of the Earth Charter.

Customized: If you feel that your family needs completely customized curriculum please read more about it to see if this option is right for your family.

I don’t want to take the summer off. I want to try to do three grade levels in two years by staying enrolled over the two summers. I use to hate school and I could not wait for it to end for the summer but now being a Global Village student I don’t want my education to stop. Learning is now fun and rewarding. Other kids are jealous because I like my school and I am doing well...Maybe I’ll go to college and become a Global Village teacher. Being a Global Village student I can learn anything I want to know. I am my only limit. If I study hard and do all my homework and read and write a lot I can become whatever I want to be. I’m lucky to have Sally and Joe as my personal teachers.

Derek, K8 student

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Learn more about enrolling in our program.

Learn more about K-8 program fees and high school program fees.

Just want curriculum to use on your own? Check out our page about purchasing curriculum only.

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Accredited by NALSAS
Global Village School® is a project of Community Partners. We are a non-profit organization.

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