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High School Program: Enrollment, Teacher Services (Tuition) & Fees

Fee Structure       Enrollment Options      Tuition Options       Sample Fees

Rather than setting a standard fee for everyone, we have set up our system so that families only pay for what they need. This page includes:

• An overview of the fee structure
• A description of the different enrollment options (full-time and dual enrollment)
• A description of the different levels of teacher support (tuition)
• Sample fees

Fee Structure

All enrolled students pay the following each year:
Enrollment fee for each student - please see the enrollment options below, and

Curriculum costs that vary according to the courses you choose - please see our curriculum page for prices and details for each course, and

Tuition fee for each course that varies according to the level of teacher support - please see the tuition section below for prices and details.

Sales tax (CA residents only) and shipping and handling are additional.

There may be additional fees depending on your situation:

New Student Registration Deposit: Students who are new to the GVS high school homeschooling program pay a one-time New Student Registration Deposit of $100. This fee covers some of the cost of new student enrollment counseling, transcript reviews and the learning styles profile and will be applied toward the cost of the enrollment fee. This fee is non-refundable.

Senior fee: There is an increased amount of administrative work associated with a graduating student. The Senior Fee of $250 ($350 for international students) applies to all 12th grade students. This fee is non-refundable.

I have looked over the two or three lessons you've emailed to me in the past months and they were impressive. I liked the way you respond to each question in a way that encourages and inspires her to elucidate/expand on the concept. She takes them to mind when she's formulating her responses, and she shares them with me, which she was never likely to do in the past. So, thank-you for your excellence! It is acknowledged and valued.

Amanda , HS parent


Enrollment Options

The High school diploma program enrollment includes official enrollment in a legal private school, the maintenance of transcripts and records, consultations with our enrollment advisors, and other administrative services.

There are two enrollment options for the high school diploma program:

1. Enroll as a full-time student in our regular academic program

When you enroll in Global Village School you become part of a legal private school. We will maintain all student records, along with providing written semester evaluations, transcripts, and a diploma upon graduation from our high school diploma program.

Regular Enrollment Fee: $650 for a year, $425 for a semester.

2. Dual Enrollment for students attending other schools who wish to take individual GVS courses

Take Global Village courses for credit while enrolled at another school or homeschool. Check with your school first to make sure they will accept the credits. Please note that this option does not include full enrollment in Global Village School. Dual enrollment is for families that do not wish for Global Village to be the official school of record. We provide transcripts and evaluations for the courses you take with us, but do not review or include any other coursework on the transcript.

Dual Enrollment Fee: $150 per year-long course, $100 per semester or quarter course

Teacher Services

High school tuition covers the cost of teacher support, grading, and related documentation. Global Village teachers provide support, review, and encouragement to all of our enrolled students. Our High School Diploma Program offers three options: Regular (full service), Quarterly Review, and Tutorial. It is possible to have regular tuition for some courses, such as higher level science and math, and quarterly review for others.

No matter what you choose, please remember that distance-learning requires parents to be very involved with their child's learning.

Please note that tuition covers a 10 month (year-long) enrollment period, a 5 month (semester-long) enrollment period, or a 9 week (quarter-long) enrollment period OR completion of the course, whichever comes first. This means there will be tuition costs for each course.

Regular High School Tuition

Highly Recommended for most families
Teachers review, provide feedback, and grade all work. Online lessons are submitted weekly; text lessons are submitted every two weeks.

Teachers are available for e-mail and phone questions upon request.

Teachers are available for a half hour consultation each month by phone, video conference, or in person. The nature of the consultations varies depending on the needs of the family.  Some students and/or parents only need a sounding board while others need more detail oriented assistance.

Teachers are available for additional email and phone consultations upon request.

Teachers provide written evaluations at the end of each semester. Dates will vary depending upon individual student schedules.
Parents review all work for completeness and general accuracy before sending it in.

Parents score math (student reviews and corrects mistakes before sending it in).

One-quarter courses,
covers a nine week period

Semester courses,
covers a five month period
Year-long courses,
covers a ten month period
$325 per course
$525 per course
$795 per course


Quarterly Review High School Tuition

For families that have homeschooling experience and are very comfortable with the process.
Parents thoroughly review all work for accuracy and completeness before sending it in.

Teachers review and grade work on a quarterly basis.

Teachers are available for quarterly consultations by phone, video conference, or in person.

Teachers are available for additional e-mail and phone questions upon request.

Teachers provide written evaluations at the end of each semester. Dates will vary depending upon individual student schedules.

For families choosing Quarterly Review tuition, we make the following assumptions:

  • Parents and students are very comfortable with the homeschooling process.
  • The student already has or can easily make a study schedule that works for them.
  • The students are engaged in their studies and need very little coaching from a Global Village teacher.
  • Parents are closely monitoring and supporting the students.
  • Parents are very comfortable with the subject matter.

One-quarter courses,
covers a nine week period

Semester courses,
covers a five month period
Year-long courses,
covers a ten month period
$275 per course
$395 per course
$595 per course



A GVS high school parent discusses his experiences

Tutorial Tuition

This option is for families needing extra teacher support. Fees vary.
Call us (805-646-9792) to discuss your needs.

I just took the liberty of reading through your comments on Kevin's lesson one, and I'm very much looking forward to sharing them with him on Monday. I can imagine how validated and encouraged he'll feel. Beyond that, I'd just like to add my appreciation for the care and thoughtfulness you put into your notes to him -- the way you first gave his thoughts their due and then enlarged upon them with your ideas -- opening the door to a true exchange of ideas.

Susie, HS parent


Typical Enrolled Student Costs

Costs vary depending upon the curriculum and teacher support needed. Remember that for some text-based courses you will be purchasing your own books.

11th grade new student, full load, one college course
Enrollment fee: $650 ($100 new student deposit paid before enrollment appointment; $550 paid upon enrollment)
English: (Regular) $795, Curriculum $55
U.S. History: (Regular) $795, Curriculum $60
Algebra 2: (Regular) $795, Curriculum $35
Chemistry (taken at local community college): No charge
Reflections on Peacemaking: (Regular) $525, Curriculum $35
P.E. (elective portfolio): $150
Theater Elective (elective portfolio): $150

Once families gain some experience homeschooling they are often able to reduce their costs significantly:

11th grade previously enrolled, experienced homeschooler, smaller course load, more college
Enrollment fee: $650
English: (Regular) $795, Curriculum $55
U.S. History: (Quarterly Review) $595, Curriculum $60
Chemistry (taken at local community college): No charge
Reflections on Peacemaking: (Quarterly Review) $395, Curriculum $35
Art (taken at local community college): No charge
P.E. (elective portfolio): $150

Note: Shipping charges and sales tax (CA residents only) are additional. All fees are in U.S. dollars.

Please see our how to enroll page for more information about the enrollment and payment process.


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