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Looking back on the last decade of Global Village School

As we move into our 11th year of existence we’ve been looking back on earlier times.  Here’s a glimpse of 2002, just a few years after Sally embarked on the progressive homeschooling adventure that is Global Village School:

The drive to Sally Carless’ house is indicative of her nature. The road is a small, private road with huge boulders and wild sage lining its edges. Massive oak trees suspend their limbs above the road, adding a green canopy of vegetation, and breaking up the sunlight with patches of shade. You cross a creek over a small bridge, up a little hill and then back down. There, at the edge of the Los Padres National Forest, with avocado orchards to one side, sits a small older ranch house. Here, surrounded by natural serenity, is where you can find Sally Carless, founder and visionary of Global Village School.

Global Village School is a nonprofit distance-learning school founded in 1999 designed to teach tolerance, practical social activism, peace and an understanding for those of different religions, races, physical disabilities, ethnicities and sexual orientations. Global Village School offers customized K-12 curriculum and a high school diploma program. The School’s mission is to teach children how to become proactive in their own lives for social change and social awareness, while at the same time providing a safe haven for students who are harassed or ostracized in the average school environment. The ultimate goal is to provide a place where everyone “belongs,” and develops a sense of individual self-worth sufficient to produce a conscientious, proactive world citizen.



Educating for a better world presentation at the AERO conference

AERO has recently posted video of the 2008 Educating for a Better World workshop with Sally Carless (Founding Director of GVS), Ron Miller (editor of AERO’s Education Revolution Magazine), and Khalif Williams (Executive Director of the Institute for Humane Education).  Questions they covered include:

What responsibility do alternative educators have to address the challenges facing our planet and society? Current struggles are numerous: everything from human oppression and violence to animal exploitation to materialism and ecological degradation.  Do we believe that young people deserve to be truly prepared for the challenges their generation will face?  If so, how can educators inspire learners to become engaged agents of positive and abiding change?

Enjoy: http://www.educationrevolution.org/2008workshop4.html


Homeschooling: Alternatives in Education as a Key to Progressive Social Change

Sally recently sat down to chat with the folks over at the HUB eAcademy about progressive education as part of a tele-seminar series exploring sustainability themes.  Please go to this page: http://www.hubhub.org/hubeacademy/index.php?id=1748

and scroll all the way to the bottom to hear the interview.