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Education as Activism: Global Village School Educates for a Better World, One Person at a Time

Imagine how the world would be different if children received the type of education that nurtured their individual gifts and empowered them to be capable, confident, and wise stewards of the planet. Imagine the kind of adults these youth would become if they were provided with learning experiences that value peace, compassion, justice, sustainability, appreciation of diversity, and the living of an authentic and meaningful life.  Imagine what kinds of decisions they would make as voters, consumers, and parents if they knew the truth about the impact of their governments’ policies and actions around the world, if they understood the real costs (human and environmental) of the “cheap” items they buy, if they knew where to go to get news that isn’t filtered by the corporate media. Imagine the kind of world they could create if, from a very early age, they were exposed to historical and modern day examples of people who are changing the world through nonviolent means.   (more…)


The Only Thing I Ever Created With Anger Was An Argument

Or “What I Learned From Proposition 8″

I used to be an activist. In the third grade, I was incensed by the soccer players at recess who trampled the daffodils peeking their heads up through the dirty snow. I lobbied and lobbied and finally got the school to put up a little wire fence around the garden. I bullied my classmates who bullied other kids. In high school, I was going to single-handedly save the rainforest, protect the whales and end nuclear proliferation. My first bumper sticker said, “If You’re Not Outraged, You’re Not Paying Attention.” By the time I got to college I was burned out. I couldn’t raise the fire that I needed to march on the administration building or on the St. Paul capital.