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GVS Parents in the News!

We often post about the cool things are students are doing. But did you know some of our parents are doing interesting stuff as well? Check out Bucky Lasek, who won Skateboard Vert gold at the X Games!



Alia Aizenstat: A Graduate’s Story


Alia Aizenstat,

Sustainability Associate


After GVS, Alia applied to 14 colleges and was accepted by all 14.  She chose Lewis and Clark University, where she majored in fine arts and spent a semester abroad in Italy. Now she works as a sustainability associate at Pacifica Graduate Institute where she has been given the task of “greening” their 2 campuses. Helping Pacifica develop recycling plans, improve energy efficiency and drinking water systems, Alia says “everyday I make decisions that make a difference.”



GVS 4th grader volunteers at animal shelter in low-income Curacao neighborhood

James, a GVS 4th grader living in Curacao, has started volunteering for an animal shelter in a very low-income neighborhood. On James’s first day, people had the opportunity to have their pets spayed/neutered for free. They treated 29 dogs and one cat. James helped pick up the animals at their homes and helped them relax. He was given a t-shirt for his efforts, and was on TV and in the newspaper. Great work, James!

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Former Global Village School student Riva Precil helps develop program for displaced Hatian children

From their website:

“In response to the earthquake, my daughters, Riva and Caitlin, and I have developed a reading out loud program in Creole for Haiti’s displaced children…Read, Read! We like it because it has a musical sound such as La la la! and is fun and easy to remember…To provide an engaging, interactive, and fun hour long activity for children displaced by the earthquake that will also encourage literacy, create a model for parents to read to their children, reinforce Creole, contribute to job creation, and be part of much needed efforts to address the trauma and anxiety children are suffering since the earthquake.



Early Morning in Ojai at the Dawn of the New Year

I head out in the dark
to catch the magic moment —
the crack of dawn

My dog runs ahead
her exuberance, her ecstasy
is contagious

I look West
and the full moon
is hanging high in the sky
by an etheric thread

I look East
and the dark sky begins to blaze
from the hidden sun

My big booted feet
take strong, giant steps
The crow of the roosters
Cheers me on

I turn and head for the wild
I lean against a huge boulder
and watch the bright full Moon
Slowly sink

The Earth feels like Eden
Like a playground
Where all we are asked to do
Is feel the forces of Life

The first light of day
A mixture of the sun and moon
Illuminates the world
Everything is aglow

Together we stand
Between the sun and the moon
In a field of joy


Morning Meditation Under the Great Oak

It’s no use trying to save the world
When I myself am drowning



Inauguration, British-style

My mother is working on her memoirs, and when she sent me this I couldn’t help thinking of the similarities between her story—from over 50 years ago—and Maryanna Newton’s reflections on the recent Obama inauguration.

June 3, 1953–Coronation Day

By Penny Carless

I spent the night before the coronation camped out on the Mall in London, amongst many thousands of others, young and old, from all over the British Commonwealth and world.  Our much beloved young Queen was to be crowned Elizabeth II in Westminster Abbey and we were all there to cheer as she, and so many other dignitaries and royalty from all over the British Commonwealth, passed by in wonderful fairytale carriages.  (more…)


The Conversation



It starts out as it usually does.  We are doing some seemingly benign activity that families typically do.  This time we are eating dinner at a fast food restaurant,  in Anytown, USA.


My son, Jason, is seven years old.  Biracial, he is cute as can be—a fine example of hybrid vigor with his soft, curly hair and caramel colored skin.  We are having an animated discussion about football, his favorite sport.  Jason is making sure that I know which teams are ranked in the top ten and who his favorite players are.  (more…)