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About Global Village School: Vision, Values, Philosophy

Global Village School is an accredited international online school that was founded in 1999. Our creative, flexible approach and emphasis on peace, justice, diversity, and sustainability set us apart from any other online school.

Our values include peace, compassion, justice, sustainability, community, integrity, and appreciation of diversity, caring for the Earth and our fellow beings, creativity, and living an authentic and meaningful life.

Our approach is creative and flexible. We believe that students learn best when they are fully engaged in their studies. We encourage self-directed learning rather than trying to make everyone study in the same way. We customize curriculum based on student interests, needs, and learning styles. We believe in engaging students in studies that inspire inquiry, encourage communication, and foster cooperation. We endeavor to support the development of thoughtful, compassionate and aware people who will provide a constructive and hopeful foundation for future generations. Check out our student and parent testimonials page to see how we're doing!

Our teachers are highly qualified; they are chosen for their commitment to our vision of promoting peace, understanding, and respect as well as for their flexibility, skill, and compassion.

Our partners include many organizations around the world; these relationships provide expanded opportunities for our students while enabling us to support progressives who share our vision of building a better world.

Our Goals: To prepare students to be global citizens by providing an international forum for students of all backgrounds to learn to value and understand each other. To increase peace and understanding in the world through an educational program that teaches students about the culture and contributions of all groups of people and that presents role models and examples of peaceful coexistence among people of differing backgrounds. To provide a safe, affirming, high quality educational program, accessible to students across the globe, that supports students in being who they are and that respects and values all people.

We have a holistic approach to education, and to students; meaning that we see the student as a whole person (including body, mind, emotions, and spirit) and make our academic decisions from that viewpoint. We also like to look at the world, and subject matter, as a whole.  It does not work to strictly separate ideas and concepts into one subject or another; there is always overlap.

Ours is a "student centered" school.  We believe that the academic material and preparation for college or other future goals are very important; but that the students are most important of all.

Engagement: We believe that developing a love or appreciation for a subject is as important as the number of facts or topics that are covered.

We value interaction between students and teachers.  We feel that more learning takes place through engaging the students in thoughtful discussions and activities, rather than solely presenting information.

We value creativity and flexibility in our teachers.  Students do better when they have a voice in their learning, and when subject matter can be adapted to the various needs and interests of each individual student.

Celebrating Diversity: We believe that every student has the right to receive an education in a safe, supportive environment. We welcome everyone, regardless of race, color, creed, sexual orientation, national origin, age, sex, or disability. We celebrate the richness and diversity of our world and invite you to do the same.


I went to Global Village School my senior year of high school and loved it (class of 2003). It was a great alternative to my large public school where students had very little voice in determining their curriculum. At Global Village, I was able to craft my education in a way that held my interest and allowed me ot explore the topics of my choice. Thanks!

Josh, graduate



Accredited by NALSAS
Global Village School® is a project of Community Partners. We are a non-profit organization.

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