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Welcome. Global Village School offers a progressive, accredited, customizable K-12 homeschooling program via online and text-based curriculum, complete with individualized teacher services. Our Whole Child, Healthy Planet K8 curriculum guides and our high school homeschool diploma courses integrate peace, justice, and diversity studies with the core subjects. We are an international distance learning school; we welcome homeschooling students from around the globe.

What sets us apart from other online schools? Our creative flexible approach, our emphasis on peace, justice, diversity and sustainability. We recognize students as individuals with unique needs, interests, and learning styles. We adapt our homeschool curriculum to our students, rather than forcing students to adapt to the curriculum. We empower our students to pursue their future goals in a way that enables them to prepare for college while building on their strengths and talents and staying true to who they are. We nurture and protect the passion and enthusiasm for creating a better world inherent in so many young people. We help our students lead authentic and meaningful lives, so they can leave school feeling confident in their ability to make an impact on the world around them.

A wide variety of families and groups have found our values to be compatible with theirs, such as Buddhists, Unitarian Universalists, families with Indigo children, secular homeschoolers, families that have enjoyed Montessori schools, Waldorf schools, unschooling families, students living abroad, and families who are international travelers. We also partner with homeschooling groups and people starting schools to provide curriculum, teacher support, consulting, learning styles profiles, and more.

Please explore the wealth of information on our site about the Global Village School homeschooling program or contact us at
805-646-9792. Mobile phone users, click HERE to call Global Village School

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Where would we be without a GVS curriculum? Swimming with the elephants in Thailand...we are the luckiest people on Earth....an awesome "field trip" for James. He learned to do a health check on an elephant. He now knows when an elephant is happy or in a bad mood, and when an elephant is sick. The world is the best school ever!!!

Faye, 5th grade parent, Belgium

Accredited by NALSAS
Global Village School® is a project of Community Partners. We are a non-profit organization.

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